Bass Mekanik – "The Bass Mekanik, Florida’s premiere pioneer of Bass music is the most recognizable name in car audio today. His reputation for the lowest, loudest, baddest, yet cleanest sounding Bass CD’s on the market has truly made him number one in the Bass arena."

Blowfly – "Anyone who thinks raunch-mouth R&B lyrics began with rap music from 2 Live Crew and family need to double check their soul sex history. The world’s original XXX-rated rapper and the true Prince of Porno Rap is none other than Miami’s own cult hero, Blowfly."

DJ Laz – "A scratching wizard and pioneer of English-and-Spanish mixing, fusing rap and Latin beats, heating up the turntables and radio mike while producing his own albums and breaking new acts, Miami’s DJ Laz is keeping the dance floors hot and the temperature just keeps rising."